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11-12.08.13 — Tel Aviv – Sofia – Borovets
by Garik and Tomash

Well, even though I haven’t finished my previous travel diary from 2009, here I am starting my new travel diary of my second attempt to success the Rila mountains trek from Borovets ski town to the Seven Lakes and the White Brotherhood annual meeting on the 19th August this year. Read the rest of the entry »

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13.08.09 – Tel Aviv – Sofia
By Garik and Lena

  • The way to the airport from my parents’ home we did without any delays. Within half an hour we were at the Ben-Gurion airport. As usual, we got stuck in the check-in post because of some family with too many kids. So we waited and waited with patience. Read the rest of the entry »

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06.08.08 Tel-Aviv – Amsterdam – Reykjavik
by Garik and Lena
  • Early in the morning, about 5am at the Ben-Gurion airport, we stood in a line to check in. After 20 minutes standing in the same place, we realized that we are behind a very large religious family, where the oldest person is about 70 years old and the youngest one is just born yesterday…. Some guy from that family, who took the business into his hands stood in front of the counter with a bunch of passports in his hands, trying to send the luggage, including baby chairs and more stuff that is not an ordinary luggage, while other members of his tribe trying to gain control over the children. We then turned to other counter and checked in before those guys! Nevertheless we did not had much time to spend in Duty-Free, we just popped in, took chocolates and whisky and popped out hurrying to the gate since the boarding already started. Read the rest of the entry »

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