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16.08.09 – Granchar Hut – Ribni Ezera Hut
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up in the morning at 06:35. We found another guy who slept in the room with us, that we didn’t see yesterday, probably came in very late. When we came down to the “kitchen” we met there Shay and he offered us his gas cartridge. We tried it but the result was same as before, the gas is leaking. So we left the cookware in the hut with most of the dry food we had with us. We bought two omelets and “Shopska salad” (Bulgarian typical salad). The salad was served in a very impressive way, the cheese was shredded on the top! As usual, we didn’t think off taking a picture of the dish until we finished it!
  • We didn’t finish the salad, so we took the leftovers with us. Meanwhile, the Israeli group got their breakfast, served on the table but they were interested only in hot tea!… By the end of the breakfast, they received a big carton box fulled with small plastic bags with food in them. It was their lunch for today. Tomato, sandwich, apple, maybe something more, I don’t remember, but since they were not as hungry as we were (you could see it on our faces…) and there were more plastic bags than people in the group, they decided to give us couple of sandwiched, tomatoes and apples. Except that, they took all the food from breakfast that they didn’t finished and gave it us too! Olives, salami, boloney… We wanted to take all the food with us, but we couldn’t! We didn’t felt right about it and also it was extra weight to carry on! Finally we took a bit of almost everything.
  • At 08:30 we went on our way, right behind the Israeli group that started couple of minutes earlier. The way was uphill to the split from yesterday. It took as about half an hour. We saw some guy between the Israeli group and us, but couldn’t understand whether he belong to the group or not. Later we discovered that he belong to the group, it’s a local guy, helps them carry their stuff on his back.
  • We walked slowly, Lena took many breaks, at some point, we lost sight with the Israeli group. Around noon, we catch up the Israeli group. They stopped for a lunch. When we came, they already finished their break. This time, they didn’t talk much with us. I thought we will met them once more today, somewhere on the way to Ribni Ezera hut, but I was wrong. As time went on, we didn’t. We walked and walked endlessly… During the day we saw wild horses, this time little bit closer than the first time on our way to Musala hut. Later some local couple by-passed us, probably went out for a daily walk, making distance in one day that we will take us two! We stopped at every start of a hill, this is how we lost sight with the Israeli group. At some point Lena was ready go give up! Then we saw the point from which we start descending towards the hut! It took us only about hour and a half to reach that point! The path was through many large rocks which is probably caused by some avalanche. We also stopped to eat our lunch there, I must say, Bulgarian tomatoes are the tastiest tomatoes that I have ever eat!
  • When we reached the sign that directs toward the Ribni Ezera hut, we were the most happiest people on earth! We actually could see the hut! Some how the sign shows the way to the hut by ascending some hill with a high slope! It was unreasonable! We see the path continue down from where we stand but the sign says otherwise! Hell with the sign! We go down! Plus the map shows clearly that we have to go down in a curved path… It took us another hour to reach the hut! Total time from Granchar to Ribni Ezera was 9.5 hours!
  • The Ribni Ezera hut is way worst than the Granchar! The food and the costumer service (if there is such a thing there) were incomparable to Granchar. We didn’t see Israeli group around, they probably continued walking to the next hut, which is about two hours from here.
  • We wanted to eat something before we go to sleep, so we entered the kitchen… Again we struggled ordering from the locals since they don’t speak English! And yet again we received help from a total stranger. A local guy that speaks very clear Russian. We spoke with him a little. It turned out that his wife, was a year and a half in Israel, she was a student doctor on a training period in Adasa Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem. The guy himself is a singer. Till 1988 Russian was a studied language in schools. He was a nice guy.
  • We received our bob soup (bean soup) and two kebabs and started eating. Then another local man entered in. He was an old guy, wearing shirt and underwear. He turned on an old radio and put a station with English songs. It was a little bizarre!
  • When we came back to our room, herd of wild horses passed by. Another communist evening is about to end, we wish you all a good night!
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  • Granchar hut

    Granchar hut

    Are we there yet?...
    Are we there yet?…
    Typical view of Rila Mountains

    Typical view of Rila Mountains

    At last! The hut...

    At last! The hut...

    This is how it looks from the outside...

    This is how it looks from the outside...

    This is how it looks from the outside...

    This is how it looks from the inside...

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