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19.08.09 – Blagoevgrad – Melnik
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up in the morning in our nice hotel. The breakfast was at the restaurant where we ate last evening. When we came, there were a large group of French tourists. We took a seat at a side without knowing whether this is a self service or not, because no one asked who we are or are we staying in this hotel. So we sat there for about 15 minutes till Lena got so hungry that she went to ask where is the food. When she asked in the kitchen, they gave her two plates with bread, cheese, jam and honey and told her to go back and seat. Meanwhile a waitress came to the table and took an order fro two tea. On her way back she saw Lena with two plates, so she took the plates from her… So if you ask me, I’m still don’t know how things are working there. Read the rest of the entry »

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