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14.08.08 Isafjordur – Akureyri
by Garik and Lena
  • We woke up with heavy rain pouring on us. Our clothes that were hanging outside the tent to dry, didn’t make it. The tent was wet even from inside, the bottom of the tent was wet too. As we woke up, early in the morning, we started to pack our stuff without having a breakfast. One of the tent poles was broken, that’s not a good news. After hour and a half, we were packed, wearing all the clothes we had because it was so cold! It’s quite amazing that till now, except from Reykjavik, we had good weather all the time. So we had some spare time to eat some breakfast, waiting to a bus that should arrive and take us to the airport. Suddenly a minibus arrives, and we didn’t know that this is our bus. The minibus stood in the parking for a while, waiting for a group of tourists to put their bags inside, so Lena ask some woman from the group whether this is the bus to the airport, and she answered positively. It cost 500 ISK per person for a 5 minutes drive to the airport! Now this is a robbery! Read the rest of the entry »

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