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29.08.08 – Skaftafell – Jökulsárlón – Reykjavik
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up at 0100 AM; completely dark, weird noisy sounds came out of the trees… Something like water, rain, I don’t know. The tent moved from side to side! Somewhere further it sounded like an iceberg braking up or flood or something like this! Surrounded in total mystery and darkness we were scared of drowning and of the unknown… The movie we saw the evening before did its job. Lena tried to open the door of the tent but she closed it right away because it was so dark outside and because of the wind that break into the tent. We had hard time then, trying to sleep in these conditions. The fear and the dancing tent that looked like it will crash on us any moment, made it really hard to fall asleep! I was on the side that the wind came on the tent all the time, so somehow I kept it steady a bit; I wonder how it was if I and Lena would switch places. At some point I decided that if the tent didn’t collapsed on us till now, it will probably stay that way till morning, and tried to get some sleep. Too optimistic, it was impossible to fall a sleep! The wind only got stronger. It was blowing constantly and not like earlier, when it came and went… We kind of got used to the noise, but the tent seamed to surrender to the wind! A side of a tent at some point actually laid on me! So at 0500 we made a decision! We are packing our staff! I ran to the toilets and I was the first to wake up among all the other campers. When I ran back to the tent, I started to see other people crawling out of their tents… not much but still, I guess that even North Face tents couldn’t take that much! Some of the tents almost flew with the wind, luckily they were held by their ropes. Read the rest of the entry »

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27.08.08 – Þórsmörk – Skaftafell
By Garik and Lena

  • So sad… The end of the trip is getting closer every day and I can’t stop thinking of it. On one hand I’m tired and want to go home, on the other hand there is still so much to see! The tourism season is ending soon and you can feel it in the air. Last night the hut was almost empty, days are getting shorter really fast! When we came here at the beginning of the month, sun went down about 2300 if it went down at all, now at 2100 it’s already dark. Read the rest of the entry »

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