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28.08.08 – Skaftafell
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up in the morning, yet another time it was cold! Lena didn’t enjoy her sleeping time tonight and I felt the cold ground all night long , because I didn’t inflate my mattress well the evening before. The weather seemed to be calm this morning, of course this has nothing to say about the rest of day! Read the rest of the entry »

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27.08.08 – Þórsmörk – Skaftafell
By Garik and Lena

  • So sad… The end of the trip is getting closer every day and I can’t stop thinking of it. On one hand I’m tired and want to go home, on the other hand there is still so much to see! The tourism season is ending soon and you can feel it in the air. Last night the hut was almost empty, days are getting shorter really fast! When we came here at the beginning of the month, sun went down about 2300 if it went down at all, now at 2100 it’s already dark. Read the rest of the entry »

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