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11.08.08 Stykkishólmur – Latrabjarg – Isafjordur
by Garik and Lena 

  • New day in Iceland and Lena woke up earlier so she could go to the shower. I didn’t slept well because the mattress was awful and the bed was short… my back hurt… The room probably was heated during the night, Lena woke up with headache totally dehydrated. We packed our stuff very quickly and off we go… The streets were still empty when we walked to the ferry. We took our tickets that we’ve ordered from Israel in SeaTours office. It looked like most of the passengers came with their cars. Only we sat outside the office, eating breakfast, waiting for the ferry. The others put their cars on the ferry meanwhile. On board, the seats were wet, the wind was chilly and very strong, we thought about getting down to the toilets in order to get warm, only when the ferry was about to anchor in Brjánslækur. We passed the small island called Flatey, not much impressive, we didn’t got off the ferry, though some passengers did so. Read the rest of the entry »

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10.08.08 Hellissandur – Stykkishólmur
by Garik and Lena
  • We woke up late this morning, Lena’s face was totally swollen, must be the sun from yesterday… I felt some skin peeling off my nose too. We ate breakfast in the hotel near the campsite, 900 ISK per person. It was ordinary food, bread, butter, cheese and sausages. The jewel in the crown was herring with mustard sauce… I’m kidding, it was disgusting! Read the rest of the entry »

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