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30.08.08 – Reykjavik – Frankfurt – Tel Aviv
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up this morning at 0615 AM, much better than yesterday! We wanted to pack our staff as quick as possible to get the #14 bus to BSI. It was rainy and it was difficult to pack quickly. We carried our backpacks to the shed near the entrance of the camping ground. We had tea with sandwiches for breakfast. The gas balloon was still not empty, but we had to finish it before the flight! So I stood there for half an hour, burning it, waiting for the gas to be over, but it didn’t! Finally, at 08:50 I gave up, we had a bus to catch, I pulled the balloon out as is, and of course I was covered immediately with liquid that smells bad. Now I see the benefits of a more expensive gas balloons that have a screwing. Read the rest of the entry »

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18.08.08 Askja
by Garik and Lena
  • Today we are going to Askja. The bus departures at 11:00 AM so we could afford ourselves to wake up late. Today we packed our stuff slowly, it took us about hour and a half. The night was pretty warm and in the morning, the midges were all over the place. We sat near the local supermarket, waiting for the bus. We ate our breakfast there and I had to buy myself another 2 Lt bottle of sparkling water, pear flavored. I must admit, I am addicted! Also I bought my self a bourekas with honey and walnuts, all for 450 ISK. While sitting there, I used the spare time to make calls to Landmannalaugar huts, ask if it is still possible to book for the next week trek in Landmannalaugar. Unfortunately, there was no room in the first hut, at the start point of Landmannalaugar trek… now, it is impossible to send our backpacks with the bus driver on Friday, as we’ll get there, we need the tent to pass the night outdoors. I called RE to ask them whether it is possible to send our backpacks the next day in the morning (more like as noon…) with a bus to Reykjavik and form there to Þórsmörk, before we start our trek. Their answer was that it shouldn’t be a problem, the cost will be proportional to the weight of the baggage. Pleased enough, I called the huts again and booked all nights in the trek except the night before the start of the trek, and including the last night, after we finish in Þórsmörk. The last hut is not where the bus stops, so we’ll have to walk the morning after, about half an hour to the bus station. I tried to pay with my credit card, but something was wrong, it couldn’t be accepted, so we payed with Lena’s. The vouchers will wait for us in the first hut in Landmannalaugar, all we have to do is to get inside and tell my name. It was a bit strange, the girl from the other side of the phone wanted to deliver me the vouchers that same day… she asked me where I am… so when I told her where am I and what am I going to do the next four days, she said I can get them there… strange… When I done with booking huts, I called my credit card company, to ask what’s wrong. I waited for 10 minutes before I was answered. Their answer was that no attempt to charge my credit card was reported. Well, I’ll have to try use it in some other place. Read the rest of the entry »

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17.08.08 Reykjahlíð – Mývatn – Hverfjall & Dimmuborgir
by Garik and Lena
  • When we woke up in the morning, the wind was strong. From one hand it blew away all the midges, from the other hand it was cold! We’ve organized quickly cause we wanted to start our journey today early. But, first thing first – camping info center and the supermarket. Info center opens only at 09:00 AM, so is the supermarket. What a start of a day… We sat on a bench near the supermarket, waiting for them to open. During our waiting period we ate dry figs, we couldn’t stop! At 09:00 AM Lena entered the supermarket and me to the camping info center. While I got nothing new about the bus to Landmannaguar, Lena bought sandwiches and croissants for us for about 400 ISK. The sandwiches turned out to be superb, not like the bizarre croissants with ham and cheese… Read the rest of the entry »

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