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16.08.09 – Granchar Hut – Ribni Ezera Hut
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up in the morning at 06:35. We found another guy who slept in the room with us, that we didn’t see yesterday, probably came in very late. When we came down to the “kitchen” we met there Shay and he offered us his gas cartridge. We tried it but the result was same as before, the gas is leaking. So we left the cookware in the hut with most of the dry food we had with us. We bought two omelets and “Shopska salad” (Bulgarian typical salad). The salad was served in a very impressive way, the cheese was shredded on the top! As usual, we didn’t think off taking a picture of the dish until we finished it! Read the rest of the entry »

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15.08.09 – Musala Hut – Granchar Hut
By Garik and Lena

  • We woke up at 06:30. Lena felt better, but now we both hungry! After a short visit in the toilets, and a small snack of figs, walnuts and a waffle from the Bulgarian Air breakfast, we wanted to start our journey as soon as possible. But rain kept us in the hut till 08:00. At 08:00 the rain still didn’t stop but we had to move. Read the rest of the entry »

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